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    SKU: EMAUT01

    Stock No: EMAUT01

    Electrical information: 400volts tri 325 Kw

    Heating circuit : Electric resistors 288Kw

    Ventilation : Electric fan 22kw

    Lifting door : Electric 12Kw

    Interior dimensions : Ø 3000 mm x H=3000

    Maximum loading: 5000 kg

    Volume : 32M3 Installation weight : 37T

    Cooling system : Water Working

    Température : 40°C to 200°C accuracy +/-5°C

    Working pressure process : 0Bar to 4Bars accuracy +/-50mb

    Max rate of pressurization and decompression: 0,8 bar /min

    • Specificities

      Vertical machine with an automatic door load and close
      Safety temperature
      Regulation temperature sensors: Choise ambiant or on curing part
      Part temperature and vacuum circuit controled by Plc
      Supervision and software adaptable and configurable to different processes
      Monitoring data analysis and remote process
      Up rate temperature in full load : from 0,5°C /min to 3°C /min
      Rate cooling in full load : 5°C /min up to 100°C and 3°C /min up to 50°C
      Homogeneity in level under a pressure bar: 2°C
      Ergonomic maintenance gateway allowing accessibility to all functional components


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