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    Cleaning and rinsing in 2 steps

    • Ultrasonic cleaning - heating resistor of 12.000 KW with pneumatic movement and water recirculation (waterflow system)
    • rinsing with heating resistor and pneumatic movement

      1 : Ultrasonic tank

      ultrasonic cleaning tank made of stainless steel AISI 304 of 2mm thickness with sloping bottom for easy cleaning.

      • Capacity : 1000 L
      • Internal dimensions : 880 x 2050 x 718mm
      • Useful size : 830 x 2000 x 618 mm
      • Platform dimensions : 830 X 2000 mm

      2 ultrasonic generators with a total output power of 6800w (13.600 W p-p)

      Work Frequency : 40 KHz with frequency scanning system (sweep system +/- 2%)

      4 submersible transmitters of 1700 watt each : 2 located at the bottom of the tank, 2 on the sides. Each transmitter contains 34 piezoelectric transducers made of IBL, high-performance titanium steel. The housings are made of stainless steel AISI 316 of 2.5mm, mirror polished finish


      • 20mm thermoacoustic insulation
      • 1.5" security spillway
      • stainless steel pneumatic automatic lid
      • level sensors
      • solenoid 1" valve for automatic filling
      • 2" drain solenoid valve for automatic emptying
      • integrated system for separation of lubricants and oils. it removes the residues existing on the surface of the ultrasonic tank.
      • recovery system for ferromagnetic particles
      • liquid product dispenser

      2 : Rinsing tank

      Hot rinsing tank made of stainless steel AISI 304 of 2mm with the following dimensions :

      • Internal dimensions : 880 x 2050 x 718mm
      • Useful size : 830 x 2000 x 618 mm
      • Platform dimensions : 830 X 2000 mm
      • Heating resistor : 12.000 W
      • Capacity : 1000 L
      • Stainless steel pneumatic automatic lid


      Manipulator for automatic basket loading movement with different working positions. Variable speed horizontal-vertical movement. The fixing system moves on two 304 stainless steel rails with a length of approximately 4-5m.

      The load system slides between 2 rails and columns and its working position is vertical. It works with two gear motors.

      • STOP signal detector
      • Anchoring system for rack/basket support.
      • Maximal load: 1300kg
      • Approximate horizontal movement: 1500mm.
      • The hoist has a 20 second oscillation function at the inlet and outlet of the tank.



      • Loading and unloading area made of 304 stainless steel tubes and placed on a single point on the left side of the machine. Capacity for one rack/basket and detector for it.
      • The offer includes a rack/basket



      • Power supply: 400 V 3-phase.
      • 1mm thick stainless steel exterior cladding
      • 20mm thermo-acoustic insulation
      • Height-adjustable silentblock feet


      Control desk:

      • Siemens KTP900 9” touch screen, functional and intuitive with access to the programming selector for ultrasound, temperature, peripheral systems and weekly calender.
      • PLC 1200 SIEMENS with digital inputs and outputs and analogue inputs for temperature measurement.
      • Articulated structure for control desk
      • System for the recovery of ferromagnetic particles.
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